Episode 017: Interview with Max Folkenflik — Epic Systems v. Lewis

Welcome back to Counting to 5, a podcast about the United States Supreme Court.

In this episode, I talk with Max Folkenflik, the managing partner of Folkenflik & McGerity, who represents the employees in Ernst & Young LLP v. Morris, one of three employee arbitration agreement cases consolidated for argument before the Supreme Court on October 2nd.

Show Notes

Counting to 5 Livestream – October Week 1 Preview:

On Friday, September 29th, at 11:00 am Eastern Time, Counting to 5 will be streaming live on Youtube.  We’ll be discussing each of the cases set for oral argument in the first week of the Court’s new term, previewing some of the most anticipated cases coming later this term, and answering viewer questions submitted via Youtube Live Chat.

Please join us!

Max Folkenflik:

Consolidated arbitration cases:

Counting to 5:

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