Episode 010: Matal v. Tam, Part I

Welcome back to Counting to 5, a podcast about the United States Supreme Court. This Episode is the first part of a two part look at the Court’s unanimous June 19th decision in Matal v. Tam, formerly known as Lee v. Tam, the case about the Asian-American rock band The Slants and their battle with the PTO to trademark their band name.

Show Notes

Matal v. Tam

Counting to 5:

One thought on “Episode 010: Matal v. Tam, Part I”

  1. I like the recent format, and for this episode I really liked how you talked about the case and tied it into a larger context on derogatory terms, how uses change over time and about attempts at reappropriation.

    I have a couple of questions: you indicated that the reduced panel was more confined to established precedent than in the en banc rehearing. Is that codified somewhere, or more traditional? Also, you said that they indicated the previous trademark precedent wasn’t consistent with other current first amendment jurisprudence. Did they indicate a specific opinion or judgement that they had in mind?

    Thanks, looking forward to the next installment!

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